Outdoor Fireplace Designs, Masonry, Contemporary

So you have decided to join the group of people who want to do things a little differently than what society is used to. Most people have their fireplaces indoors where they use it only in the winter time to heat the house. It’s a tool more than a decoration, but it’s popularity as a main attraction in any house and yard is growing. The interest in outdoor fireplaces is growing as a place to gather for social barbecues especially. Part of the interest centers around the many and unique Outdoor Fireplace Designs. There is sure to be a design that will fit the personality of anyone that is looking into purchasing a contemporary or traditional type fireplace.

An outside fireplace is not too much different from the standard indoor fireplace, except for the fact that a damper is not needed. The space outside means the fireplace can usually be much larger than the average indoor fireplace. Outdoor Fireplace Designs offer kits that come in many sizes and different materials. They can be as simple or as complex as you choose for them to be, but the typical outdoor fireplace kit only takes a weekend to put together. Assembly is not difficult for the average design. You can choose something very basic and expand on it however you wish to, giving it your own individual style.

Chimeneas, a Mexican style chimney pot, are perhaps the most basic of the Outdoor Fireplace Designs. Cast iron or aluminium are another option that will  hold up to the weather and last a lifetime, while metal will most likely rust. Masonry is probably the strongest and most durable of materials. Be sure that your outdoor fireplace has a long chimney to keep the smoke up high and out of the senses. If you are not interested in barbecues, you can install a gas burning or electrical outdoor fireplace or simply purchase a stove insert that can be moved both inside and outside. Spending some time researching Outdoor Fireplace Designs and kits. You will be sure to find one that fits your desires and needs, and one that is within your price range.