Antique fireplace screens – a look back

Whether stereotypically classic or not, most people’s idea of coziness includes the glowing warmth coming from logs burning in the fireplace or from the silently dimming embers. An antique fireplace screen can add to the idyllic atmosphere by filtering the light and adding to the dancing shadows in the room when all the other lights are turned off. On peaceful winter evenings, the screen in front of the fire can take your imagination on a trip back in time and enhance the comfortably mysterious atmosphere.

A Shield Against the Flames

However, as we regretfully know, the world is not full of romantics. It is therefore obvious that the long endurance of fireplace screens as room accessories should indicate that there are practical reasons underlying their use as well. These reasons have to do with the hazardous nature of fire. Even though fireplaces are built so as to prevent the fire from escaping into the room, caution is still necessary. A screen will keep the fire behind bars, so that you won’t have to worry about such risks nor will you need to worry about keeping a large supply of cleaning solutions to get the soot out of the floor because the screen will take care of that problem as well.

The Ancient Tales of the Fire

Returning to the aesthetic element, lets pause and have a look at metal antique fireplace screens. Wrought by the hands of fire-taming blacksmiths, they can set the background for a winter evenings tale or an account of memories. Various animal shapes or depictions of antique villages often adorn antique fireplace screens, offering the viewers a fantastic nightly show of trembling shadows. If you have children, they are almost certain to enjoy the spectacle.

A Variety of Shapes

Antique fireplace screens are usually made of brass, copper and iron. Some of them can also be folded, easing access to the hearth. You won’t have an easy job selecting an antique fireplace screen because each of them will all tempt you with their beautiful crafted design.

Harking Back to the Days of Yore

The problem is that faithful replicas of antique fireplace screens are not easy to come by; on the other hand, modern ones might offer more in terms of safety. Fortunately, the combination of old and new is possible. Take your time to browse stores and suppliers offers so that you can find the best antique fireplace screen that satisfies your practical expectations as well as your aesthetic ones.